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О компании

О компании Dr.Vorobev

Hi! My name is Pavel Vorobev.
DrVorobev is a jewelry studio making science, medicine and beauty related items.
Why do we need them? Actually, everybody needs them!
  • Medical workers, teachers, beauty specialists need them as a symbol that keeps their good mood. It shows how proud of their job they are.
  • Patients need them as a little thank you to a doctor that has managed to take care of their health.
  • Students and their parents need them as a recognition of the teachers' hard work.
  • Any one needs it as a way of expressing their gratitude and respect.
  • They can be a perfect birthday, graduation, retirement or anniversary gift.
  • Everything depends on your imagination.
We do not import from China or Thailand, the items made of unknown alloys. We create all the jewelry pieces by ourselves: from a draft to a real life item. We can embody any idea into life. We make a sketch, create a 3D model, and start making it in silver or gold. We use only noble metals: sterling silver 925 and 14K gold. Every piece saves the warmth of our hands.
Each item manufactured by our company gets a perfect finish and covering: the items made of gold are polished until they have achieved specular gloss; silver items are rhodium- or gold-plated, which prevents metal from fogging. Local oxydation is another method that we use for finishing - it gives contoured and textured surfaces a refined, antique look.
Do you have someone to present it to?
Yours, Pavel Vorobev
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